waterproofing contractor in SingaporeThrough years of experience, our specialized team of workers have successfully completed waterproofing of projects like the factory building of MicronSemi Conductor, US Air Force’s Housing Complex in Singapore, Land Office Apartment Block, SAF Army Camps and many others. MVM is a professional & reliable waterproofing contractor for your roofing projects.

Most flat roofs in Singapore are reinforced concrete with waterproofing membrane that is protected and insulated by slab panel with bituminous joints between panels. These bituminous joints tend to crack over the years, allowing rain water to migrate below the panels thereby damaging the waterproofing membrane. Also, the slab panels tend to be quite porous by now.

Over the years, we have found that the best solution to re-waterproof such r.c. roofs is to use our IMPER’s (Made in Italy) range of preformed bituminous membrane. Being factory manufactured to the specified thickness, (thereby removing the risks of workers on site not laying sufficient thickness which is critical for waterproofing as with other waterproofing systems), fully bonded to the substrate with hot poured bituminous compound, IMPER preformed membrane is the most costs effective and efficient method of re-waterproofing old r.c. roofs.

Over the years, more than 2,000,000 sq ft of IMPER’s preformed membrane have been successfully used in Singapore testifying to its quality and reliability.

We are please to advise users that MVM provides a 10 years warranty against leakage for reasonable sized roofs that uses IMPER’s preformed bituminous membrane.

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