Tile Roof

Objectives of Roof Restoration are:

  1. To rectify any existing roof leakages.
  2. To replace any damaged roof tiles.
  3. To beautify old and worn out roofs.
  4. To restore old roof to its former splendour.

Prior to any works on the roof, we will carry out a pre-work inspection on internal of the premises to ascertain if there are any existing damages.

After ensuring proper safety measures, the roof will be washed down of algae growth, dust accumulation, tree leaves etc with a high pressure water jet.

The roof will then be inspected for leakages, any cracked tiles will be replaced with similar roof tiles where possible, cracked ridge cement bedding will be re-bedded, corroded metal flashing or valley gutters will be replaced with colorbond or aluminium flashing or valley gutters, widely exposed tiles gaps will be sealed with waterproofing membrane reinforced with fibres.

Once the roof leakages are rectified and depending on the types of roof tiles, the roof will then be coated with one coat of acrylic primer or penetrating sealer with an airless spray gun.

After ensuring that the acrylic primer or penetrating sealer are dry, the roof tiles will then be coated with two coats of WAPOL Ceramic Fortified Acrylic (CFA) Roof Coat (made in Australia) with airless spray gun.

WAPOL CFA Roof Coat is a specially formulated roof coating system that is fortified with ceramic beads for enhanced heat reflection, superior UV protection, reduced dirt pickup and better fungus control.

The completed Roof Restoration works will then be inspected and handed over to the premise’s owner.