MVM: Roofing Contractor

MVM is first incorporated in 1990 under the name of Multi Vertex Marketing Services, supplying building materials to the construction industry. In order to focus more on the external envelope of the building, MVM is incorporated in year 2000 specializing in roof construction, waterproofing, wall seepage rectification and painting works.

Registered with BCA (Building Control Authority) as a L3 grade contractor, MVM is now classified as Preferred or Approved Contractor for organizations like Indeco Engineers, PREMAS and ESMACO (organizations that manages government properties) and over the past years MVM had successfully completed some prominent projects including re-coating of Pebble Bay Condominium and the Singapore Cricket club with WAPOL Ceramic Fortified Roof Coating System.

Our corporate clients include organizations like DSTA (Defense Science Technology Agency) through managing agents, SMRT, Singpost, JTC, HDB Town Councils, PREMAS and Esmaco of Capital Land, US Forces in Singapore and many others.

As exclusive distributor for WAPOL Roof Coating from Australia, we have completed refurbishment and re-coating of roofs for :

  • Pebble Bay Condominium
  • DSTA properties
  • Singpost
  • Singapore Cricket Club
  • HDB Town Councils
  • PREMAS managed properties

For roofing works, we have constructed, replaced and re-roof with either roofing tiles from Germany, Italy or France, metal roof from Bluescope Lysaght for projects like:

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Clubhouse
  • SAF Camps
  • Nativity Church
  • US Forces Colonial Houses
  • 7 th Day Adventist Church
  • Istana

In waterproofing and painting works, our experienced team of specialists uses preformed membrane, liquid applied membrane and fungus resistant coating to successfully complete projects like:

  • Micron Semiconductor
  • Singapore Association for the Deaf
  • SAF Camps
  • PREMAS managed properties
  • Tampines East Community Club
  • US Forces Housing

Over the years, our interest have been to find suitable solutions to customer’s problem and in performing our job obligation to the customer’s satisfaction at the shortest possible time with competitive pricing.

The above list of corporate customer is testimony of our service and capability in fulfilling these duties and will continue to endeaveour to meet the needs of our customers with regards to roofing, waterproofing and external wall requirements if we are given the opportunity.

Call us, we are always ready to serve your needs.